Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ep # 6 [Part 2 of 3] - with "peSauce" - The Barnsey Podcast

Episode 6 [Part 2 of 3] - with guest "peSauce"

Part 2 of Episode # 6 with peSauce sees things getting real as we wade into the 3rd and 4th hour of this epic podcast. By now we are finishing off the beers and heading towards the harder liquor, and slur our way though the following topics:
* Barnsey's current review on using the ecig, and peSauce give it a test
* Different vices like smoking and drinking, coffee consumption
* peSauce talks about recent trip to China and flash hotels
* Nostaligia can be better than old things coming back
* Bill Hicks bit on putting terminally ill people in the movies
.. and this podcast is not done. Part 3 is coming where it really gets messy..!

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