Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ep # 7 [No guest] - 23 October 2014

Episode 7 [originally aired Oct 23rd, 2014]

No guest this episode, we talk about the response to the podcast so far, upcoming episodes... plus heaps of topics like:
* A new documentary called "The Culture High" and how Australia is talking a lot more about medical cannabis
* The recent SBS shows Living with the Enemy and Insight
* Why do video games use subtitles in cut scenes that everyone speaks English?
* Black = Metal (roosters)
* Jacqui Lambi seems like a redneck, one of the last things Australia needs to worry about is Sharia law
* The Batfleck vs Sam Harris on Real Time incident
* The young white Aussie kid who made an ISIS video
* Remembering the post-911 Australian anthrax scare
* Review of the latest vape and ejuice experiments (still off the cigarettes!)
* The story of the teenage kid who crashed a commercial plane full of passengers

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