Friday, 27 March 2015

Ep # 10 - with Mitch Hertz - The Barnsey Podcast

Episode 10 [originally aired March 27th, 2015]

We are back.. this episode was recorded in December 2014 and is now released a few months later. Returning to the podcast is Mitch Hertz for Ep # 10, which sees Brewer, Barnsey and Mitch discuss
* The new Terminator film
* Barnsey story about seeing Terminator 1 for the 1st time
* Final Destination movies
* The rise of YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie and the South Park rip
* Seaseme Street still has the kid market
* Trying to brush off stacking your bike when you do it in front of strangers
* Mitch gets hit by a car, Barnsey tells a story of a friend who also got hit on a freeway
* Sydney traffic sucks
* Public transport sucks an even bigger one

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