Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ep # 12 - March 2015 - Barnsey & Brewer

Episode 12 [originally aired April 2nd, 2015]

A brand new episode recorded March 2015 with Barnsey and Brewer. This is actually episode # 12 but we refer to it as 10 as we recently found some old episodes that were uploaded. Episode 12 rants include
* Update on why we have not been doing podcasts - Barnsey working with a lot of bands in the recording studio
* Barnsey talks about the fantasy vs reality of recording a band in a studio
* RANT - Barnsey has a whinge about the state of the heavy music scene and Cookie Monster vocal style
* The Sydney seige and the crappy news coverage
* NSW state elections
* Selling the electricty grid and the "gold plating swindle"
* The mutli million dollar FOOTBRIDGE

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